Guest Exhibitors

Elizabeth Etienne, Marina Del Ray, CA.


about Elizabeth Etienne

From the cobblestone streets of Paris to the sandy beaches of California she now calls home, the award winning photography career of Elizabeth Etienne has led her around the world and back. She attributes both her French-American up-bringing and her many years living in Paris to giving her work a unique, Euro-American stamp that is hers alone.

Elizabeth Etienne has been shooting non-stop since 1989. Whether she is capturing a timeless ad campaign, an intimate portrait, a high profile wedding, a classic still life image, a sensuous home interior or a travel stock image . . . one cannot miss her trademark style.

When she isn’t creating images, Elizabeth Etienne truly enjoys teaching and mentoring others through her photography workshops, her private photo coaching sessions, her guest speaking events and her numerous photography books. She is the author of “The Art Of Engagement Photography,” “Profitable Wedding Photography” and “How To create A Successful Photography Business”.

When she isn’t working or adding another vintage camera to her collection, Elizabeth can be found ocean-side, surfing the waves at her southern California beachfront home. She is a graduate of the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, endorsed by Nikon and Kodak and her images have been featured in dozens of magazines, blogs, and galleries around the globe. Elizabeth Etienne is considered by many industry professionals to be one of the top photographers in the world.

Published works: Profitable Wedding Photography, The Art of Engagement Photography: Creative Techniques for Photographing Couples in Love, and How to Create a Successful Photography Business..

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Mark Chester- Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


Newly published book, Twosomes.


about Mark Chester

Photography is the medium that best expresses my observations and travel experiences. My work is not limited to any specific category. They are pictures of people, places and things that have touched me in some emotional, intellectual and whimsical way.

The creative process for making photographs is the same, whether I am on the street in Boston, documenting daily life in Cuba or an airplane factory in Shanghai. I observe the human condition as it unfolds before me, attempting to capture that telling moment of people interacting or the juxtaposition of people in their environment. The process is a combination of thinking, intuition and anticipation of the subject; that is, I think about the angle and position to shoot from, the composition of the subject, and the light conditions. It seems to all come together in a nanosecond. Henri Cartier-Bresson referred to it as the “decisive moment.”

For me a “finished piece” can be a single image or a series of photographs that best sums up the story that evokes a reaction. It resonates with the viewer. When I set out to document Shanghai as a cultural exchange project, I outlined a category of subjects to photograph, e.g. medicine, industry, the arts, etc. From each, I selected the one image that stood out from the others.

The Shanghai project (1986) and No In America book (1987), illustrate two significant, artistic accomplishments, as do my photographs illustrating Charles Kuralt’s radio essays, published in the book, Dateline America (1979).

Shanghai was published as a traveling exhibition catalog, a feature travel article in the Boston Globe and South Florida Sun-Sentinel; also as an exhibition with artist Jim Dine at the Museum of Fine Arts in Fort Lauderdale, the San Francisco Main Library and other venues.

No in America was on exhibit at OK Harris Gallery (NY), Camera Obscura Gallery (Denver). A story about the “no” adventure was published as a travel article in the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and other major newspapers. Images from Dateline America were exhibited at the Springfield (MA) Museum of Fine arts, in a tandem exhibition with Gordon Parks and at the Van Doren gallery in San Francisco.

Photographs that ultimately are published and exhibited confirm, for me, that my vision of people, places and things are worthy, meaningful and enlightening. It is a great thrill to share my work in these formats.

Mark Chester has been a professional photographer since 1972. He was Director of Photography and staff photographer at ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), in New York City.

His photographs and/or feature stories have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, Christian Science Monitor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star, Denver Post, among other newspapers and special-interest magazines. Chester created, produced and photographed the book, No In America (Taylor, 1986), a collection of tongue-in-cheek photographs of "NO" signs. Previously, he photographed Charles Kuralt's book, Dateline America (HBJ, 1979).

In 1987, Chester created and produced the traveling exhibition and catalog, Shanghai: In Black and White, in commemoration of San Francisco's "sister city", as part of the San Francisco-Shanghai Cultural Exchange Program. The photographs were displayed at the San Francisco Main Library, the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Kogod Arts Center of the Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C. and Colorado Gallery of the Arts, Littleton, CO. Chester's photographs are in permanent museum collections, including Baltimore, Brooklyn, Corcoran, Denver, Portland (Maine), San Francisco and other institutions. His images have been exhibited nationwide in galleries, including OK Harris (NYC), Camera Obscura (CO), San Francisco Airport and in galleries in Japan, Vietnam, London and other venues. Born in Baltimore, Chester grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts.

He graduated from the University of Arizona (1967) with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From 1988 to 2000, he was managing partner of a California games manufacturer. Mark Chester's newly published book Twosomes is featured to launch with an exhibition at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. The Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, where his work is also represented, will host related events. The exhibit will then travel through the US, and internationally, hosted by such venues as OK Harris in New York City and Reykjavik Museum of Photography in Iceland. Chester lives in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Rivka Shifman Katvan - NYC.


Rivka Shifman Katvan

about Rivka Katvan

1979 – School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. BFA with Honors.

2008 – International Photography Awards – First Place – category - Bridges.
2008 – B&W Special Issue Magazine – two awards – Bronze and Merit (23rd st Project).
2004 – International Photography awards – second place – category – life style.

2010 – Solo Exhibition “Reflections”, Gallery 138, NYC
2008 – Solo Exhibition “Catskill: An American Village” & “Cus D’amatos Gym”,
— Union Mills Gallery, Catskill, NY
2007 – Solo Exhibition, “Coney Island Baby”, Gallery 138, NYC
2007 – Special Exhibition for Eastman Kodak, “Selections from Backstage on Broadway”,
— Dolby Screening Room, NYC
2006 – Solo Exhibition, “Bare Exposures: Behind the Scenes on Broadway”,
— Gallery 138, NYC
2005 – “RAPSIDA”, Exhibition and Silent Auction Benefiting AIDS Education in Rwanda,
— Gallery 138, NYC
2005 – Solo Exhibition, Dodger’s Stages, NYC
2005 – Solo Exhibition, “Streetcar Named Desire”, Studio 54, NYC
2003 – Solo Exhibition, “Transformations: Backstage on Broadway”, Gallery 138, NYC
2000 – Solo Exhibition, Celebrating Sondheim,
— The Museum of Television and Radio, NYC
1999 – Apex Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
1993 – “100 Years of Broadway: a Photographic View”,
— International Center of Photography, NYC
1982 – Solo Exhibition, An Actor’s Life, The Museum of the City of New York
— Theater Museum, NYC
1982 – Solo Exhibition, The Art Directors Club, NYC
1979 – School of Visual Arts Tribeca Gallery, NYC
1978 – School of Visual Arts 21st Street Gallery, NYC

2008 – Broadway Bares: Backstage Pass, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
2007 – Oedipus in Sing Sing Prison, American Theatre Magazine
2003 – Sondheim on Music, Cover Photo, by Mark Eden Horowitz, Scarecrow Press
2001 – Backstage: Broadway Behind the Curtain, Photographs by Rivka Shifman Katvan,
— Harry Abrams Pub.
2000 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch, text by John Cameron Mitchell, Overlook Press
1999 – “A Broadway Love Story,” CD Booklet, Christiane Noll
1999 – “Duets,” CD Booklet, Emily Skiner and Alice Ripley
1999 – “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” CD Booklet, Entire Cast
1999 – Cabaret, Introduction by Linda Sunshine, New Marketplace Press
1987 – Theater in America, Mary C. Henderson, Harry Abrams Publisher
1983 – Scene Design, Stage Lighting, Sound, Costume & Makeup,
— Willard F. Bellman, Harper & Row
1983 – Sondheim, Gottfried, Harry Abrams Publisher
1983 – Photo Portfolio, School of Visual Arts Publication
1978 – Behold the Great Image, Sharon Strassfeld & Arthur Kurzweil,
— The Jewish Publication Society of America

Jelly’s Last Jam starring Gregory Hines, Barnum starring Jim Dale and Glenn Close, A Taste of Honey starring Amanda Plummer, Merrily We Roll Along rehearsal with Harold Prince and Stephen Sondheim, The Little Foxes starring Elizabeth Taylor, The Diary of Ann Frank, Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan, Sweeney Todd starring Angela Lansbury, Judas Kiss starring Liam Neeson, Cabaret starring Alan Cumming and Natasha Richardson, Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring John Cameron Mitchell, Putting it Together starring Carol Burnett and The Donkey Show.

News Paper
Wochenende-German News Paper July 29/30 2006 (weekend)
New York Post-6/5/2003
Los Angeles Times-Westside – 4/11/1999
Gay City News-June 2003
Daily Freeman-Life-Newspaper- 5/25/2001
Chicago Tribune-Arts-Sunday 6/3/2001
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New York Times

The Guardian Weekend Magazine-Simon Callow-5/12/01
Film Maker Magazine Cover-Spring 2001
Out Magazine-June 2001
Your Life Magazine-June 11, 2001
Front & Center Magazine – Spring 2005
PlayBill Magazine
After Dark Magazine 9/1982
American theater Magazine
Show People Magazine -2003
In Theater Magazine-5/10/1999
MT & Review magazine (Museum Of Television and Radio)
The Sondheim Review Magazine-Winter 2002
Detour Magazine-April 1999
Next Magazine-6/9/2006
Gay City Magazine 6/13 2003
New York Time Magazine-12/27,1998
Edge Magazine-4/28/1999
Woodstock times-5/24/01
New York In-10/2007

Online blogs
2010 – Kodak: A Thousand Words - Through the minds eye: Rivka Katvan

2010 – Lancia TrendVisions | Intuire, anticipare e persuadere

2009 – Wise Elephant – Making it Happen – Rivka Katvan Editorial Photographer

2009 – PhotoShelter – It’s the Tonys! Backstage with Rivka Katvan.

2007 – The Morning News – Coney Island Baby


Roberta Vivoli - Barcelona, Spain.


about Roberta Vivoli

Roberta Vivoli explores a variety of techniques with twin aims of achieving a connection between painting and photography reflecting on the nature of the photographic medium.

Hers is not a generic research, but rather an attempt to expand the frontiers of photography. Her work tests the limits of the medium; thereby, seeking to express the inexpressible.

As a consequence, in the same way, as a critique of reality or an analysis of an existential logic, her work does not concern itself with “being” but rather with “being as being”.

Her themes of predilection revolve around perception and the otherness of the body as well as metamorphosis and its interactions.

Roberta Vivoli


Shane Liem - Los Angeles


about Shane Liem

Shane Liem was handed a Kodak instamatic at age 7 by her father. She dove into a passion for photography in high school that led her to compete in high school photojournalism competitions which she won 1st place in San Joaquin County, then 2nd place in California State and 1st place at Nationals. From there she pursued an education at USC School of Film and Television where she focused on cinematography.

She found herself drawn to a career in casting, working on studio feature films for 6 years, and has since started her own casting company for commercials.

She has rediscovered her love for photography with the digital movement, exploring it in her work and travels. Photography feeds her soul.

Shane Liem


Brian Minnich - Orlando, FL


about Brian Minnich

Brian Minnich Photography Inc

Brian Minnich is the fastest man in the universe. A world-class log-roller, a professional insomniac, and a wine aficionado trained by Baccus, himself.

But seriously, Brian has always viewed the world in his very own sui generis way.

Schooled in graphic and fine arts at a prestigious United States College he soon developed his own visions that are now being shared with the rest of the world through his photographic stories.

Brian spent many years in Atlanta GA acquiring all the knowledge one could ever learn at the hands of world-renowned photographers of all temperaments. He has not only mastered excellent technical skills, but also, developed great client relationship techniques, the art of the ‘bribe’.

His endeavors now translate into his centrally located, full service production studio in the Southeast United States where he is partnered with Creatives from Washington DC to New York City to Los Angeles CA.

He is called upon nationally and internationally to create images in a manner representative of his unique point of view, shooting People, Places and Things for clients ranging from Hotels to High-tech, Agencies to Publishers, Architecture to Product, Creating and Traveling Around the World.

Brian’s latest achievements have included a place among 25 in the International Finch Contest.

Recent political events have brought his focus back to basics and the fundamentals of
the Art of Photography.

He has been traveling the United States visiting various cities and cultures illustrating them through an old 4x5 press camera without a viewfinder and hand developing the film.

His goal now is to capture a moment the way it really was, using simple traditional techniques that are true to the romance of the scene and honor the style of the era of the 4x5 press camera.

The intrinsic value of an intangible image becoming a tangible hand-processed sheet of B&W film to survive the generations that lay before it while honoring the heritage from which it was created.

No viewfinder, no computer, no auto focus ...just instinct, vision, raw feelings of being in a moment for only a brief second while all the layers unfold into the simple light-tight box.

Brian believes that prints aren't heavy, images are . . . Cheerio!

Brian Minnich


Kerry Mansfield - San Francisco, CA.


about Kerry Mansfield

After getting a degree in photography from UC Berkeley, Kerry studied architecture at California
College of the Arts (CCA) before returning to her passion of image making. While her medium of choice is the camera, the spaces created by man-made structures are most often her subject. Combining her two affinities was a natural progression in a seven-year project entitled "Borderline" that explores the boundary between interior and exterior spaces merging in a third plane.

In 2005 her "Borderline" series came to a grinding halt due to a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The battle to recover from the traumas of cancer focused her attentions on the nature of the physical body as a structure. Much like a hurricane ravages the landscape and the places we call home, chemotherapy ravages the body - the most fundamental of "homes". While issues of survival become paramount, the parallels between the structures we live in and the body we live within become startlingly clear. The resulting series, "Aftermath" chronicles that period in a direct and unflinching approach to the destruction and rebirth from the hurricane of Cancer.

Kerry Mansfield


Craig Morse - New Orleans, Louisiana


about Craig Morse

Since 1998 - while having lived in and between San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington D.C., Craig pursued photography with a passion and a flare for creative composition and historical tenor. Though he started out with the intent of becoming a National Geographic and Smithsonian photographer, he has since found his visual voice through documentary photography, photojournalism, conceptual and fine art imagery, portraiture, band and performance photography, and photographic activism.

To date, he has been both self-directed and motivated by a sense of purpose. As a result, he is deeply invested in his subjects, experiences, and the quality of his work: having embarked on an extensive exploration of Burning Man culture in the early 2000s, assembling an intimate portrait of the cross-section of creatives and eccentrics who inhabit urban underground communities, and immersing himself in a three-year plus chronicle of New Orleans and its residents, who have on their own succeeded in overcoming many of the challenges following the devastation visited upon them by Hurricane Katrina.

Thus far, his images have been published in The Village Voice and Lenswork Magazine. His prints have been purchased for permanent collections in The Louisiana State Museum and The Historic New Orleans' Collection. His journalistic ethic has been appreciated by faculties from universities such as Columbia and Stanford. And, his activist fervor has been recognized by The Institute For Southern Studies and the German Parliament. His talents were commissioned by The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Burning Man, LLC.

In an effort to publish the first of his many books from the past eleven years on queue, he is beginning the process of editing many thousands of images he has acquired from his New Orleans experience while developing his professional network.

Craig Morse’s specialties

Documentary Photojournalism, Fine Art Photography, Portraiture, Musician Photography, Performance Photography, Promotional Photography, Digital Audio Documentary, Digital Audio Field Recording

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Craig Morse

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