Adobe Systems, Inc.

We believe that good business means more than just successful new product development, strong financial performance, and operational excellence. At Adobe, good business begins with a commitment to the highest ethical standards. By doing the right thing and operating with integrity and transparency, we build and maintain credibility and trust with our employees, customers, vendors, partners, stockholders, and the community.

Guiding principles

Adobe's reputation is founded on the personal integrity of our employees and our commitment to the following guiding business ethics principles:

Integrity by conducting business according to high ethical standards

Respect for our employees, customers, vendors, partners, stockholders, and the communities in which we work and live

Honesty in our internal and external communications and all business transactions

Quality in our products and services, striving to deliver the highest value to our customers and partners

Responsibility for our words and actions, confirming our commitment to do what we say

Fairness to our fellow employees, customers, vendors, partners, and stockholders through adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies, and a high standard of behavior.


Artsource Consulting

Using fine art to inspire creativity and commerce - that's our objective at Artsource Consulting. The right art exhibited in the right way projects a company's vision and strengthens both its internal culture and public image. When business employs the power of art, everyone benefits.



Museum grade photographic printing on Fuji Crystal archival paper available online at PIctopia.com. Print your own photos or select a masterpiece from one of the thousands of images available from our partners.

With over 500,000 unique, powerful, and eye-opening images from the world's finest photographers, archival quality, and affordable prices, we're the world leader in photo art. Come explore with us, and your walls may start looking like ours.


Asher-Pulver-Bain Energy Group, LLC

We bring wind power to market, working together with landowners and their communities. We develop wind power facilities that produce local jobs and clean energy. From site selection to commercial operations, Asher-Pulver-Bain Energy Group, LLC is one of the most experienced independent developers in the industry. Since 2000, our management team has built a reputation in the industry for responsible development and quality facilities. In addition to our own projects, we are a partner to other developers, providing financial resources and expertise.